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For badgers, on World Animal Day

Today is a difficult day. As compassionate animal lovers around the world march for animals, light a candle, or celebrate in their own way, our thoughts are turned to one species in particular. Badgers. As many know, the badger killing is the talk of the country right now. Yet devastatingly, the screams from the badgers continue to echo like horrors… Read more →

AWEA Monitors Bushy Park Deer Cull

In the early hours of the morning on the 16th of September, an undercover team from the Animal Welfare Enforcement Agency was documenting the deer cull in Bushy Park. As there is no official monitoring of the deer culling, our organisation has once again been left to assume the responsibility of ensuring that the law is being followed. Our organisation… Read more →

AWEA Monitoring Gloucester Badger Cull

Our investigators have spent the last few days on deployment in Gloucestershire with the objective of monitoring the badger cull. By working in liaison with local groups on the ground,¬†our team was working to document any breach of the license guidelines and gather intelligence on wildlife crime. Our team will be returning to monitor the badger cull. Please help us… Read more →